Shehzada (2023)


Shehzada movie is based on the background of two friends, Randeep Jindal and Valmiki Upadhyay working in a company. When Randeep marries the company owner’s girl, Randeep becomes a millionaire while Valmiki becomes a servant in his house. When the wives of Randeep and Valmiki are due to deliver at the same time, Valmiki swaps his child with Randeep’s child, taking advantage of a mistake by the nurse at the hospital. So Randeep’s biological child, Bantu leads a middle class life in Valmiki’s household and Valmiki’s real child, Raj, leads a wealthy lifestyle. After some time Bantu grows up. Randeep Jindal gets hurt in an attack, during that time Bantu is also there for some work, so Bantu takes Randeep to the same hospital where he was born. In the hospital, Bantu knows about his biological parents from the nurse who was caretaker when his mother delivered him. After this a series of incidents happen through which Bantu meets his biological parents and solves his family problem without their knowledge.


Shehzada is remake of which film?

Shehzada (2023) is an official remake of Allu Arjun starrer ‘Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo’.

What is the budget of Shehzada movie?

The budget of Shehzada movie is approx. 60 Cr.

Who is star cast of Shehzada movie?

Shehzada is starring Kartik Aaryan, Kriti Sanon, Paresh Rawal and Manisha Koirala in a key roles.

When will Shehzada movie release?

Shehzada is scheduled to be released on 17 February 2023 worldwide.

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