Gadar 2 Advance Booking Day 4

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Gadar 2 Advance Booking Day 4: Gadar is performing well at the box office. All shows of the film is going Housefull on Sunday. Let’s check today, an advance booking of Gadar 2 on fourth day (Monday).

Gadar 2 Day 4 Advance Booking: Gadar 2 has received ₹ 13.04 Cr gross advance booking for 4th day. In which, 3.45 lakh tickets are sold out. The advance booking of the film on 4th day even if get little drop cause of working day on Monday but will be resume for 5th day on Independence Day. The box office journey is just started. Let’s see, how many records will be broken by Gadar 2 at the box office.

Gadar 2 Fourth Day Advance Booking Gross

LanguageGrossTickets SoldATP
All India130365682 [13.04 Cr]516990

Gadar 2 Day Wise Advance Booking

Here is Gadar 2 Advance Booking Day Wise:

  • Day 1 [1st Friday]: ₹ 17.6 Cr
  • Day 2 [1st Saturday]: ₹ 16.8 Cr
  • Day 3 [1st Sunday]: ₹ 20.5 Cr
  • Day 4 [1st Monday]: 13.04 Cr

Gadar 2 The Katha Continues (Hindi) Fourth Day Advance Booking Reports (Main Regions)

RegionGross [With
Block Seats]
National Capital
Region (NCR)
2.17 Cr [3.06 Cr]26%1054193185
Mumbai59.14 Lac [97.53 Lac]11%8083951
Pune14.83 Lac [28.94 Lac]7%26989
Bengaluru14.84 Lac [24.34 Lac]10%181511
Hyderabad9.34 Lac [19.05 Lac]8%153811
Kolkata7.4 Lac [15.02 Lac]4%19210
Ahmedabad33.89 Lac [47.3 Lac]18%5096049
Chennai6.72 Lac [8.61 Lac]57%39207
Surat17.98 Lac [29.85 Lac]11%2801618
Jaipur36.93 Lac [49.41 Lac]27%1782322
Chandigarh10.49 Lac [17.6 Lac]14%13385
Bhopal5.4 Lac [9.09 Lac]14%92514
Lucknow12.14 Lac [23.02 Lac]7%22627
Coimbatore1.45 Lac [2.24 Lac]45%1033
Vellore17.43 K [23.49 K]53%110
Kochi45.96 K [78.54 K]6%1201
Trivandrum1.32 K [23.69 K]0%600
Vijayawada17.11 K [53.94 K]3%1300
Warangal11 K [27.5 K]8%400
42.24 K [1.3 Lac]6%1800
Nizamabad2.75 K [45.19 K]0%600
Mysuru (Mysore)8.62 K [52.87 K]0%2100
Hubballi (Hubli)23.32 K [40.99 K]4%1000
Mangaluru (Mangalore)3.72 K [10.62 K]1%700
Kalaburagi (Gulbarga)10.24 K [17.02 K]5%300
Belagavi (Belgaum)5.03 K [33.15 K]0%1100
Abu Road29.62 K [58.58 K]7%1200
Agartala10.69 K [11.74 K]40%831
Agra9.93 Lac [15.99 Lac]29%621810
Ahmedgarh500 [500 ]2%400
Ahmednagar98.95 K [99.65 K]32%2015
Ajmer1.14 Lac [1.16 Lac]14%1600
Akaltara7.32 K [7.72 K]4%400
Akbarpur31 K [53.95 K]9%700
Akola44.62 K [51.88 K]2%2500
Alangulam21.55 K [21.55 K]20%502
Aligarh2.94 Lac [3.59 Lac]18%3324
Almora10.81 K [12.17 K]3%1000
Alwar3.37 Lac [3.38 Lac]83%980
Ambala51.38 K [63.5 K]25%1333
Ambikapur29.98 K [32.53 K]2%2400
Amravati31.81 K [86.95 K]1%3200
Amreli16.48 K [25.83 K]17%410
Amritsar1.41 Lac [5.36 Lac]3%7410
Anand82.18 K [1.32 Lac]1%11901
Angul13.8 K [13.8 K]3%800
Anjar35.35 K [35.35 K]19%711

About Gadar 2 Movie

Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel starrer Gadar 2 is a sequel of 2001’s blockbuster with the same actor Gadar Ek Prem Katha. Gadar 2 is a period action drama film directed and produced by Anil Sharma. The film stars Sunny Deol, Ameesha Patel and Utkarsh Sharma. Gadar 2 is scheduled to be released on 11th August 2023. The budget of Gadar 2 reported approx. ₹ 80 Cr. The length of the film is 170 minutes.

Disclaimer: The advance booking data of this film is compiled from various sources and by our own research. These can be approximate and We (cinereveal) are not taking responsibility for the authenticity of these data.

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