IMAX Theaters Gain Popularity in India, With PVR Inox Unveils Second Standalone IMAX Theater in Delhi

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The PVR Inox multiplex chain has unveiled its second standalone IMAX theater at Delhi’s Paras Cinema in Nehru Place. This event marks the inauguration of the fifth IMAX theater in Delhi and the second standalone IMAX theater in India.

With this new addition, PVR INOX will have a total of 27 cinemas with 108 screens in New Delhi and a presence in North India comprising 457 screens across 103 properties.

Ajay Bijli, the Managing Director of PVR Inox, expressed pride in reopening Paras Cinema in the heart of South Delhi after a 15-year hiatus. He also highlighted that this launch represents the introduction of the second standalone IMAX theater in India, following the one at Priya. The transformation of one of Delhi’s largest single-screen theaters into a modern and immersive IMAX experience aims to cater to the expectations of today’s discerning audience.

Last month, PVR Inox unveiled its inaugural standalone IMAX theater at Priya Cinema, a renowned landmark in New Delhi and one of PVR’s earliest properties in the country. This IMAX theater is unique in that it takes over an individual single-screen cinema, unlike other IMAX theaters typically co-located with regular formats. Ticket prices for the 316-seat theater will range from ₹350 to ₹600 depending on the film, day, and showtime. Another similar property is in the works at Mumbai’s Eros Cinema.

PVR Inox currently operates 230 premium screens across India, with investment per screen ranging from ₹3 crore to ₹8 crore.

IMAX offers a 70mm motion picture film format and projection system in which the width of the screen image exceeds its height. The American film industry produces a minimum of 20 films in the IMAX format each year, and Indian films in various languages are increasingly adopting this format. In recent months, Shah Rukh Khan’s “Pathaan” and Ajay Devgn’s “Bholaa” were released in the IMAX format. But that’s not true IMAX. It was enhanced IMAX that to make feel like IMAX.

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